Each peach, pear, plum……………………….

Each peach, pear, plum, I spy Tom Thumb,

Tom Thumb in the cupboard, I spy Mother Hubbard

from Each Peach, Pear, Plum . Janet and Allan Ahlbergh

This is a classic children’s book and a favourite bed time reading still for our daughter.

It is late summer and as I gathered in fruit from our orchard today I was indeed reminded of these words. Our trees this year are laden with peaches, pears and plums, with lots of apples on the way.

I delight in the morning, after letting the chickens, ducks and geese out, in selecting a ripe peach to eat in the fresh morning air. On the way back in I pick some plums.

The pears are all harvested now, and each pear is carefully wrapped in paper with all in wicker baskets to ripen.

Indeed, it is a bountiful summer.

It’s a wild life

Here at Eastern Hill Organic Farm we believe in living along side our fellow creatures.  As well as being home to our rescue animals, Eastern Hill is also home to a varied selection of native animals.

One of our first decisions on purchasing this land was to attain ‘Land for Wildlife’ status and we are proud to display our sign at our entrance.

Land for wildlife


As we go about our daily business we are blessed to be able to interact with so many other creatures.

Parrots flit amongst the olive trees, wedge tail eagles soar overhead, our creek is home to frogs, crustaceans, platypus, rainbow bee eaters, and wader birds.

Eastern Grey kangaroos find a safe haven here, as do echidna and swamp wallabies.


AX 242

We have seen native hens, pelicans. spoonbills, wood peckers, owls, bats…we are truly blessed.

Eastern Hill Organic Farm……a haven for all.