Eastern Hill Organic Farm, a home in so many ways.

Our family home….

Home to native wild life, grasslands, and forest

Home to our organic olive grove producing excellent local oil and table olives

Home to the registered animal rescue project, Honey’s Pledge


A home to share…Moorakyle Retreat…stunning on property accommodation

…..and so much more

Authentic….Ethical. organic, local, sustainable, cruelty free living, all here at Eastern Hill Organic Farm


Each peach, pear, plum……………………….

Each peach, pear, plum, I spy Tom Thumb, Tom Thumb in the cupboard, I spy Mother Hubbard from Each Peach, Pear, Plum . Janet and Allan Ahlbergh This is a classic children’s book and a favourite bed time reading still for our daughter. It is late summer and as I gathered in fruit from our … Continue reading

It’s a wild life

Here at Eastern Hill Organic Farm we believe in living along side our fellow creatures.  As well as being home to our rescue animals, Eastern Hill is also home to a varied selection of native animals. One of our first decisions on purchasing this land was to attain ‘Land for Wildlife’ status and we are … Continue reading

Treat yourself…..Extra virgin olive oil

Our  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a seriously good oil, fresh and sumptuous, and in limited supply. Our grove is managed to organic standards, using no pesticides or artificial fertilisers. … Olives are hand harvested and processed into oil in Kyneton, so low food miles apply We sell in 20L drums, to reduce packaging. Just put … Continue reading

Winter at Eastern Hill

Harvest is done, our oil is ready, stacked in shiny white 20 L drums in the cool. Today is a brief lull in a winter of winds and rain, and a chance to stop to enjoy the fine tracery of branches, the mists, and pale winter sunshine. Tonight we will enjoy a warming pot of bean soup … Continue reading

The making of our olive oil

We have delivered our olives to the local mill. On arrival we were delighted to find Elio in charge, Elio ‘retired’ last year…but is back!!!     First step is for us to empty the olives from our small crates into the large commercial crates. They are labelled and are lined up for processing. The … Continue reading

Olive harvest 2014

Queens Birthday Weekend is our traditional time for harvest. Eastern Hill Organic Farm, in the central highlands of Victoria, is in a cool Mediterranean climate and we harvest later than most groves. This year we had perfect weather for our harvest. The picking team arrived before sunrise and were soon hard at it raking the … Continue reading